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English Lessons Jerry Online

Ever wanted to learn English but did not know where to find English lessons online? Well if you are like millions of others that want to learn English online then you are probably wondering what the best method is. I mean come on; you have already made the right choice to decide to learn English. I mean that is half the battle. Some people just ponder and imagine their goals, but then there are people like you that want to take action then Inglês do Jerry é bom.

In the old days, you had to go to a local college or University to learn English. Well, that might be fine and dandy but what if you are in a country that does not speak English natively? I mean do you want to learn English from someone that learned it from someone else? That is like learning how to cook Italian food from an American. Let us be realistic in our approach on who should teach us the English skills we need. I mean it is a well-known fact that to succeed in international business you need to know English. It is also a well-known fact that traveling to other countries that English is one of the most spoken languages. Mainly the reasons are most tourists speak English. So if there is any language you need to learn it is English Online Jerry. If you do not take the time to learn English the correct way you are just wasting your time.

So now that we have established that you need to learn English from a native speaker where do we go to find these teachers of English lessons online? We could do a Google search, but then I bet most of the results would be from companies “pretending” that they have native English speakers. What frauds! How would you know if they speak native English unless you are native English speaker? So what are these fraud companies doing? Hiring English students from countries with cheap labor and paying them to teach you English. Am I serious? You bet I am serious. These companies charge a lot of money, and you end up getting a teacher from Russia, or Asia that is a beginner English teacher. This is a crime against the English language.